Initial Consultation

At Health Hub  we provide one-on-one counselling through which we make comprehensive nutritional assessment, exploring areas of concern, understanding your nutritional goals and formulating a plan to help you achieve those goals.

We educate each individual by providing the resources required to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  We recognize that each individual is unique and requires personalized nutritional therapy and coaching. We strive to identify factors such as diseases, drug/food interaction,  genetics, food preferences, intolerances, ethnic diversity and financial status to achieve a dietary regimen that is most effective for you.

Your Investment

Initial Consultation 150$/ (including PH Testing) 

Follow-Up 100$ 

Areas Of Focus

  • Weight management

  • Chronic health conditions (i.e. high blood pressure, cholesterol, renal, diabetes, cancer, IBS, migraine, inflamation)

  • Pre and Postnatal nutrition counselling

  • Eating right while breastfeeding

  • Eating healthy when dining out

  • How to eat healthy on a budget

  • Counselling on dietary  habits among shcool age childiren and adolescence

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